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Where is my money?

Hi, Darwinex seems to have a big problem today in his DB. during checking my darwin I noticed that no money was assigned since today on my MT5 darwinex account wallet.

But this is not true, the MT5 Account have more as 1.000 EUR on the same live account.
what is going on here? Is this a big bug in your platform, because with this issue it is not possible to withdrawn the money from my MT5 account.

When this happened how can we trust darwinex further in the future?

You should not show your full account number here, it is public. More success is expected if you write an email.
@bianka please anonymize, thx.


The “add funds” message on that page is a bug that happens every weekend to MT5 accounts.
It is so also on my CVL .
What you have on MT5 client is right.


Could it be that you transferred the money after Friday’s market close? Have you checked whether the wallet shows the correct movements?

In any case, please use one of the channels detailed here to receive support specific to your case:

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It is the same now on CVL and underlying, equity is not displayed,
It shows “—” not “0”.
Happens often during weekends, like the 7 millions seconds of latency… :smiley:


Thanks @CavaliereVerde, we’ll have a look at those issues


This is true because the bug affects also the wallet section of the user profile.
BTW I can assure that the bug is there only during weekends.

I think also PII is running on mt5 … :wink:


It’s not exactly a bug but a lack of connection to the MT4 or MT5 servers.

On weekends, when the market is closed, there are some hours during which we have no connection to the MetaTrader servers.

Last weekend it was more noticeable because we have been all weekend without being able to get those values; but the “normal” will be a few hours.

We’ll look into how to solve this and let our customers know that their money is still safe.

Thank you for raising the issue @SchranzTradingFX