CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. -- % of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.

Why does Darwinex not step in to stop the losses?

Further, if I may, I would like to thank @SkyField for his contributions to this discussion.

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CV - Im guilty as charged and you just described me perfectly. With regard to Darwinex that is.
Thanks for pointing me to the trading journal link
I’m beginning to think I have only scratched the surface

I note that with HFD has hidden a lot of his trade details.

Now for a more interesting side to this.
Yes I have missed a lot. But to boil it down. I develop my own algorithmic trading. Not using an EA. But the IGlabs trading platform which I code in C#

Here I have full control and I can back test and forward test here on both demo and real accounts. I can make adjustments.

On Darwinex there is still a cloud of secrecy. I admit I have only briefly looked at HFDs trading journal in the last 10 minutes but I still don’t know what the trades are/were. And I don’t see the asset class and I dont see the timing. I hope I am not misrepresenting. I will look deeper today.

However the whole idea was to trust in someone else to have done all this work. Its hard enough analysing my own strategy where I have full control.

At this point in time I can not see me handing over real money where a catastrophic mistake has been made that now I see can happen on any Darwin.

Again thanks for your input


Thanks I did not set stop loss on this demo account. I saw that as interference and I thought I would like to see how the Darwin owner handled this.

I would of course do that on a real account.
Thanks also for the links

To be honest I dont’ know if HFD is provided by a good trader or a fake trader.
What I know is that there are hundreds of ways to “win the wrong way” and to spot them you have to be a master analyzing Trading Journal.


Really? Link please?

The course for investors was an experiment and got discontinued.

This forum topic by @Qaytarlah offers a good summary of its contents:


But thats the crux of the matter. Invest time in working out if someone is just lucky trading and creaming off investors money at 20% or invest time developing your own trading strategy.

I am even more convinced that the latter is best.

As you said even you cannot work out HFD real or not.

Oh ok, thanks. I’m anyway happy about Darwinex Youtube, especially with the English videos made by integracore :slight_smile:


Maybe but do not underestimate the difficulty of becoming a trader.
I have read 5 books and spent thousands of hours backteststing, my results are still disappointing.
Being a trader is extremely difficult exactly as finding traders.

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:slight_smile: Ive been doing it for more than 40 years. See earlier posts


Absolute novice with Darwinex but trading - Ive seen most things - not everything but a lot.
and Ive read a lot more than 5 books - 50 maybe. My backtesting is automated - the coding takes time.


Make a darwin! Win win for you and investors like me.


So you should know about survivorship bias.
A “too good to be true” darwin is just like an overfitted backtest, real but not significant and not predictive.

SCS was an announced tragedy.
Here you have the in depth analysis by the community:

I think this is a pretty good advise to him. So, my question is…is Darwinex system friendly enough to attract investors? What you said is true, but I don’t imagine how an average investor will be so patient, and willing to invest maybe thousands of hours before to understand how to invest in Darwinex…

These are huge barriers for outsider investors and convert Darwinex in insider like family business.

In short, the growth is very limited and uncertain…IMO

Regardless I don’t know if it is a solution to that, any suggestion?


The best method is the one suggested by @bianka
Following the guidelines of the @Qaytarlah passive portfolio:
Passive Investment Portfolio by Qaytarlah

To grow Darwinex needs profitable investors, and investors need that kind of educational content, advanced content on how to pick good darwins and avoid to dream on bad ones.


I don’t see that is working. And I put you as an example. I understand you probably are the person who has put more effort and hours in the whole community. You have been styding, analyzing and testing several portfolios and thousand of hours…still you haven’t found the formula to be profitable investing in darwins.

It shouldn’t be that way. Many people invest in stocks, commodities, options, etc…many of them lose money, and a good amount make money too. Here, I don’t know even one investor making money in the long term. Something has to change, or nobody will invest money here, and traders will fly (if they do’t get investors).

Please, prove me wrong.

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At least one, @rafamacias
I think there are no more than 10

But you are right. :slight_smile:

Following that guide is not so easy, robust darwins are not so easy to find and to endure.


Copy trading works on eToro with Olivier Danvel. Unfortunately there are not many traders of his caliber…
A low risk martingale, good luck with Olivier…


I am with you … too much arrogance and little marketing in this forum. Few try to change it, but there can never be that deal with an investor. The right to a customer’s complaint deserves an explanation.