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Why does Darwinex not step in to stop the losses?

:slight_smile: Ive been doing it for more than 40 years. See earlier posts


Absolute novice with Darwinex but trading - Ive seen most things - not everything but a lot.
and Ive read a lot more than 5 books - 50 maybe. My backtesting is automated - the coding takes time.


Make a darwin! Win win for you and investors like me.


So you should know about survivorship bias.
A “too good to be true” darwin is just like an overfitted backtest, real but not significant and not predictive.

SCS was an announced tragedy.
Here you have the in depth analysis by the community:

I think this is a pretty good advise to him. So, my question is…is Darwinex system friendly enough to attract investors? What you said is true, but I don’t imagine how an average investor will be so patient, and willing to invest maybe thousands of hours before to understand how to invest in Darwinex…

These are huge barriers for outsider investors and convert Darwinex in insider like family business.

In short, the growth is very limited and uncertain…IMO

Regardless I don’t know if it is a solution to that, any suggestion?


The best method is the one suggested by @bianka
Following the guidelines of the @Qaytarlah passive portfolio:
Passive Investment Portfolio by Qaytarlah

To grow Darwinex needs profitable investors, and investors need that kind of educational content, advanced content on how to pick good darwins and avoid to dream on bad ones.


I don’t see that is working. And I put you as an example. I understand you probably are the person who has put more effort and hours in the whole community. You have been styding, analyzing and testing several portfolios and thousand of hours…still you haven’t found the formula to be profitable investing in darwins.

It shouldn’t be that way. Many people invest in stocks, commodities, options, etc…many of them lose money, and a good amount make money too. Here, I don’t know even one investor making money in the long term. Something has to change, or nobody will invest money here, and traders will fly (if they do’t get investors).

Please, prove me wrong.

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At least one, @rafamacias
I think there are no more than 10

But you are right. :slight_smile:

Following that guide is not so easy, robust darwins are not so easy to find and to endure.


Copy trading works on eToro with Olivier Danvel. Unfortunately there are not many traders of his caliber…
A low risk martingale, good luck with Olivier…


I am with you … too much arrogance and little marketing in this forum. Few try to change it, but there can never be that deal with an investor. The right to a customer’s complaint deserves an explanation.

Hello there @fpDarwin and @Darwities
Thank you for your reply, sorry for my late answer though. Been kinda busy today.

Hope you guys found an answer in all the comments.
Think the comments above provide some good information.
You guys were right, now that I re-read my reply it seems contrary.

If any questions, please feel free to ask.

Kind regards,

Hi Skyfield, appreciate it, thank you

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I wish you the best and good luck with your journey.

If anything please feel free to ask.

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Its actually easy to make a Darwin / EA. There are even templates around to code a martingale and / or variations of a martingale which try to hide they are Martingales that could be put on to Darwinex in a short period of time. This strategy can work well for a long period of time but will eventually blow we all know.

Look at it from the other side of the coin. Develop an EA and get 20% of someone elses profits with very small risk. HFD for example leveraging 6 million on 10Ks worth of their own money.
Its a good business model. Makes money win lose or draw - just about.

I am sure there are chancers on Darwinex that have these strategies. Should I spend my time trying to find / suss them ? Its not what I want to do.

I was hoping to find some genuine traders here that I could invest in Yes I only looked at the returns over time. HFD has done it for me - looked good for a long time but has blown up.

Darwinex is not transparant enough. compared say with myfxbook where the trades are visible


You are right on that. However it is the decision of the investor to invest money in any given Darwin.
Most investors have a rule about the migration time of a Darwin.
For example @CavaliereVerde uses a 2 year native track record rule.
By doing this he makes sure that the strategy is running for 2 full years on Darwinex.
Could the strategy survive on luck, sure it can.
But it does improve the chances of a strategy not being lucky or faked in the beginning.

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I am using myfxbook to monitor my trading, but to analyze other traders Darwinex is much better.
It is much easier to spot bad trading with Darwinex if you know how to read Trading Journal, even with hidden trades.


How long have we been saying that the Darwin model has to be easier to reach the general public. You can not pretend to do social trading and have to study, evaluate and investigate. For that they would become traders. The model must go through an intermediate layer that allows to invest in a transparent and simple way. The figure of the Darwins advisor could be considered appropriate.

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I don’t think HFD is doing any martingale or anything like that. I mean if you look at KRZ which is currently sitting at the top of the darwinia contest for this month and you compare its performance with HFD February´s performance,one would think that KRZ is on the other side of HFD trade. Now these two darwins have something in common, they both like to trade gold so I suspect that KRZ held a long position on gold for quite some time.
whilst HFD in my suspicion did the complete opposite with gold.
It is similarly painful to watch a top Darwin provider like HFD doing this in just on a single trade as it is equally painful to see so many investors who have the choice to set a stop loss limit on any darwin pointing their fingers at Darwinex when things don’t go their way.
They seem to repeatedly feel confused about Darwinex´s role as a marketplace for investors to find mini “hedge funds” or darwin providers and the role of Darwinex as the hedge fund (something which is not). Having said that, HFD is still a hell of darwin, the best in the platform so far who perhaps went through some type of cognitive dissonance with gold.



I agree. Isn’t the whole point of Darwinex is that you you pay someone to trade with your money for a fee (20% of profit). So by implication an investor probably only has a passing knowledge of trading. And most likely ill equipped to analyse Darwins in depth.

I understand those that say Darwinex is not a free meal ticket and you have to put in 100s of hours working out who is a good trader and who has put up a system that will build up slow profits and look very good by Darwinex’s metrics.

I have thought of building a Darwin and doing exactly that. I will be honest about that. Build an EA and get 20% of profits which I could not otherwise do without large capital sums. Why not. ? Its mostly hands off when the EA is complete.

So do these other Darwin developers have the same mind set. For sure some do. What percentage I don’t know.

As I eluded to previously. Do I want to analyse and filter out these rogues. Well I could. Do I want to ? No. For the simple reason they don’t provide all the information available. Ah the trading journal is there for that as someone kindly pointed me to. Even that was hidden under the ‘Underlying Strategy’ menu. Thats what I am looking for. What are they actually doing. What a disappointment. All the Darwins I looked at hid their trades. Sorry I don’t want to play Sherlock or be a Crime Scene Investigator.

You may ask - what the hell am I doing here then. Well from earlier posts. I am a seasoned trader and made big profits and bigger losses in the past. Theres always events that come in the markets that make your system look silly. I remember LTCM very well. Im sure some systems have taken a hard knock with the virus thats happening right now. I sometimes lack the discipline to step back and get out and re-asses whats happening. Maybe Darwinex has some good pros who are better than me with all the money management skills and trading skills which are better. I would be happy to pay for that.

There is a school of thought in gambling that if you absolve responsibility for your bets to a third party then how could you possibly be to blame for the losses. Its psychologically easier to handle. I followed Tony the tipster and he has a great track record in picking winners. And when one good tipster bites the dust be sure as hell there will be another top tipster. Is Darwinex just a pool of top tipsters ?

To summarise I think my time is better spent on my own systems. And When I get it wrong. Only person to blame is me. I will get it right next time.

Maybe I will be back on DarwinEx as a darwin provider. Good luck in trying to work my Darwin out.