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Why is WGP closed to buyers?

Currently I see WGP closed to buyers. Is that permanent or temporary and what is the reason?

Having only a sell button has the disadvantage that you don’t see whether the Darwin is flat and whether there is a risk for high divergence when selling it.

Seems that it’s “In progress”? Is this a DARWIn of yours? I suggest you reach out to to clarify this.

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The Darwin was bought last night in my demo portfolio and had a little performance of 0.11 % today. So it looked like it worked for a while as all others.

I‘ve also seen the ‚in progress‘ mark, but Darwin creation is 28th of March 2020 shown on the chart.

Edit: and no, it is not my Darwin as you can see if you look at the chart. So I cannot clarify owner issues.

Edit2: my questions are investor questions as I don’t want to hold an inactive position in my portfolio. Also if it is free of fees, it is blocking equity.


Thank you! I’ve checked and it’s a bug, already working on it!


Sorry, not a bug. This DARWIN is under observation and won’t be offered on the Exchange for at least another month.

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So the bug was that I could buy it for my demo portfolio. :grinning: