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Widgets are to change to new Darwins

If traders published widgets on their own homepage or on other communities, I recommend to change them to the new Darwins.

As far as I got it: The link is to change that the numbers (like .4.17) are to remove to get the new Darwin. I am not sure whether it works do easy or Darwinex has to help. Also maybe there is a general bug and Darwinex must help. :grinning: @bianka ?

The widget shows the frozen data of the old Darwin and it looks strange for readers if the max. DD on Darwinex is now cut against the widget presentation.


and another one from Darwinex interviews:


There is a problem of updating on this new widgets. I replaced old versions on the 1st day, but …

Monthly summary widget have not updated a single time since then and the other 2 are lagging by 2 days now and I’m not sure if they are stuck or not.

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@IlIlIlIlI If you’re using a widget, it’s necessary to replace it by the new DARWIN’s widget like @LimitBid did.

@LimitBid Have reported the problem, thanks for letting us know!


Thank you for your reply. I’m not using widgets, but Darwinex does on the interview pages. To show the new Darwin, they also must be replaced. :wink:

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New DARWIN widgets are now working as expected, thanks again for reporting this :+1: