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WLC - Scientist

Hello everyone,
I am the person behind DARWIN WLC.

The strategy I am using is based on my own algorithm. I also pay attention to classical price action.

My trading results have been imported in November 2019 and it takes some time for me to adjust to Darwins and how they work.
In my imported strategy I used aggressive position sizing (earned >200% in 2019).
Here in my Darwinex underlying strategy I am trading more conservatively and plan to keep it that way. It looks however that the risk management component significantly cuts my DARWIN`s position size. WLC profit in December is 2.69% so far meanwhile my account profit is 16.46%. I will adjust my trading style to ensure more profit for investors.

Little bit about me. I am a female with graduate degree in economics which to some extent helps my in my research projects. Apart from personal trading and WLC management, I am working on a platform development where investors would be able to copy my trading choosing their own risk settings.

In the next post I will talk about my Darwin’s attributes.
Welcome to invest in my DARWIN!


Hi @Scientist, welcome to the Darwinex Community, and congratulations for the profitable 2019.

Yup, your strategy trades at a Value at Risk of 36.87% (at the time of this writing). Darwins are normalized to 10% VaR, so the profits for your Darwin is divided by 3.687. If you can get your strategy to trade at 10% VaR, you should see similar returns on your own account and the Darwin :slight_smile:

Is this strategy trading fully automated? Or are there any discretionary decisions taken as well?
And if it’s a mix, what would you estimate the proportions would be? Like for example: 80% full auto and 20% descretionary decisions.

Hi @Renko,

thank you!

My Darwin profits are divided more than by 3.687, so there is something else here. Probably Darwin just closes some positions earlier than I do.

My strategy is not automated yet. The algorithm calculates dynamic support/resistance lines. These lines identify zones with good trading opportunities. Then I look at the situation and decide whether to open a deal or not.

I guess automated version of my strategy would produce more signals than I actually trade. Still it is potentially quantifiable and I am working on it also.

Well, your VaR isn’t constant at 36.87 either :wink:
On 11-Nov, your profits would’ve been divided by 5.379 for example.


If you look at the Rs attribute, you see the development of the VaR which shows your replication factor related to the Darwin‘s fix 10%

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In the end of November my DARWIN had D-score 49. During these three weeks of December D-score has nicely grown over 61.

I trade more accurately for Darwin than in my original account thus most of the attributes improved relative to migration date. The only mistery for me is my low Os score. My openings are not particularly precise but I think they deserve at least 3-4 points. For comparison, here are entry estimates from myfxbook monitoring:

Couple of them are really bad, but the rest are average or good with two of them even over 90% accuracy. It is quite representative for my account. Why so low Os for DARWIN? No idea…

Nevertheless my other attributes are good and my Darwin already earned two labels from Darwinex: ‘Good Scores’ and ‘On Fire’ (the best 3 months return with moderate drawdown).

Have you read already how it works?

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Yes, I have.:slightly_smiling_face:

December 2019, summary:

WLC’s result for the month is +4.06%.

The underlying strategy obtained +21.82%

Now I am waiting for Darwinia results to be announced.

Happy New Year!


December, DARWINIA:

WLC finished at 55th place and got its first money allocation.
Last month also I submitted the 2nd deposit so my account doubled. If (when) I win Darwinia again the allocation will be more substantial.


When my darwin migrated, its D-score was 48.
Now it is already 65!

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