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XAUUSD today

Hello Guys,

today I noticed a very large candle on XAUUSD which started with a huge 9 dollar gap. It took out my position and the move itself looks so weird and feels shady. Can someone explain this behavior of the price to me? I even looked at charts provided by other brokers but could not find similarities. What just happened?

I checked the parameters of this M5 candle:
Open: 1207.91
High: 1217.79
Low: 1207.16
Close: 1216.62

My position got stopped out at 1197.14. Thats a 10 Dollar spread!? Current spread is at 0.1 Dollar. So it was like 100x!? Like what?

With all seriousness, I can’t stop shaking my head right now.


write an email to support. Looks like some rollover issue.

It seems a iliquidity problem into the rollover. I would write Darwinex to review your case because on Bloomberg there is not such candle.


This is being reviewed and we’ll revert to you. Please use the email for execution related matters.


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Thank you for reaching out to with this issue!

As mentioned, we are investigating this incidence with our liquidity providers. In the meantime, as a protective measure, from tonight onward we’ll aggregate the XAUUSD flow during the first minute after daily market open in order to increase the number of providers and prevent similar situations from happening again.

The relevant compensation has been allocated to your trading account. We have sent you the specific details of it per email.