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XCX - AVO investments

Today we would like to officially present at the forum; the Darwin $XCX from AVO investments, an asset with more than two years of experience, 40% return, 17% drawdown and 55 D-Score.

The $XCX asset is composed of a manual price action strategy, with strict risk management and a convex philosophy to deal with the uncertainty of the world in order to survive in the long term.

The world is an unpredictable and chaotic place (just like markets) full of endless interactions. Do we have the ability to know what will happen in a few hours, days or weeks?. Do we know why this or any other asset rises or falls and when it will do so?.
The market is a wonderful expression of life and so we should face it. Do we choose those who try to explain the world to us, those who create narrative fallacies and complex systems that explain the past and the future, or do we prefer to deny the dangerous ambition of trying to understand what surrounds us?. Do we choose to be hedgehogs or foxes?.
In AVO investments we choose to be foxes, and for this reason, our strategies will always seek the convexity that allows us to fail a lot and small and to succeed a little and big. Beyond strategies, management, probability, economy and knowledge, we are faced with this philosophical schism that surrounds everything. Because markets are also philosophy.

Here you can see the essential information about the Darwin. Good afternoon and take care.

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Very nice introduction @DicDos! Looking forward to your updates here and welcome to the community forum!

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