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XGS - jcnovoa21

A few days ago my Darwin, XGS, was born and I decided to create this space because I intend to be in Darwinex for a long time.

Since my own capital is not very high, I will need investors and I understand that they will have doubts,
and I will be here to assist them.

My operative is very conservative, from another trader I learned “the safety of your money comes first, the profitability will come later” at the time of writing this my DD is 1.92%, I admit that I would like to take it up to 10% and that my profitability goes up as well but I don’t think it’s the smart thing to do… Whoever is looking for security, they will have it with me, whoever is looking for better profits, there are many other Darwins that can better satisfy them.

My technique is simple, it took me 3 years to develop it and I regret having invested in real before I polished it. My risk management for H1 = 1%, H4 = 2%, D1 = 3%, W1 = 4% and if one day I get to catch a monthly chart, it will be 5%. It is very rare that I have more than 4 open trades.

I always use SL and TP, at the close of New York sometimes I remove the SL because of how wide the spread is but after an hour I return and put them.

I admit that my knowledge about Darwinex numbers and data they offer is zero… I’m older school, profitability, drawdown and that’s it. I am a little concerned that my operative, after being analyzed in detail with those tools, will not be good but I will stick with it, after all, it is what will make me earn money and I am already tired of modifying and perfecting so much.

I don’t know what else to say, do you doubt, questions?

Greetings to all.

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Welcome and good luck with your trading!

As a trader in my opinion one should always use a SL, except for strategies based on quantitative analysis of saisonalities.
As an investor I think a drawdown below 5-10% means a strategy is still waiting for a real test. A 10% shouldn’t be a problem for an investor if on long term you come up with a good profitability. Some say on long term it’s unlikely that the yearly return exceeds the max drawdown, right @CavaliereVerde? :wink:
For an investor it might be interesting how long your drawdown can be. Or how large is the volatility of returns. If it’s like ±3% every day it’s quite a rough ride and I would not risk the same amount as for calmer equity curves.
XGS looks very god so far, but after many bad experiences I’d rather wait some more months til getting invested. And regarding Darwina allocation you got to be patient too…no way around it. Stay calm and collect your alpha, i.e. don’t mess it up and this can turn into a very profitable endeavor for all of us.



Hi, @KingMidas

Thanks for your kind message.

You are totally right. Before being a trader I was an investor and one or two things I learned was: “never put money on accounts within less than a year”.

I’m pretty sure the first income I’ll have will come from DarwinIA. I’ll have to wait a lot… I think I’ll need at least 50 on my D-Score before anything happens.

Keep XGS in mind, I’m sure I’m going to make great thing here.


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