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XUS - AxusCapital

Hi Everyone,

New to this platform and launching our Darwin XUS on Monday. Take a look at our performance!

The algorithm has been trading for almost 2 years, with positive returns every month and a maximum drawdown of 5.15%. We are currently managing just over $6m, and are now open to outside investment.

DARWIN XUS|690x487

Hope you like it. Let us know your thoughts!

Axus Capital


Thanks for joining the community, @AxusCapital!

Please note that your DARWIN will be created over the weekend but will remain closed to investors until further notice.

Migrated track records are subject to scrutiny by our Operations Team before they are approved.

Trade safe,


Where did you learn your trade?

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Hi @StokesBay

We have spent many years developing multiple algorithms with a strong focus on FX - Due to the liquidity available. This algorithm has been running for just under 2 years and we are extremely confident in its performance.

We may well add some more of our algorithms onto Darwinex in the coming months so keep an eye out!


Tell us more about your learning? Did you start with another firm or are you self taught?

Our algorithm developer has been completely self taught, which is extremely impressive.

Your Darwins are also impressive! Have you developed them yourself?

I wouldn’t say “developed”, I am a mere macro trader making very few trading decisions. My knowledge however comes from 25 years working in and following financial markets and an economics degree (not that the degree is worth much on reflection!)