CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. 66 % of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.

XUX -- OutsidetheBoxHK -- Aggressive


Using same strategy as BUX to daytrade the lower timeframes. Takes some of same trades as master account at 4x risk and also finds additional intraday setups to target higher returns per month. Please let me know what you think and whether you may have questions.

My goal since coming to Darwinex in June 2018 is to be in Top 10 of Hall of Fame by end of 2019.
I am ranked #124 already. And have won Darwinia allocations 3 of last 4 months.
This month of Feb 2019 I am ranked #12 so far in Darwinia.

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May all your dreams come true

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I fully understand the interest of high/medium/low risk in MQL5 or Zulu environnement.
But under Darwinex and Var10 calculation, I am not sure that we obtain a big difference betwen the levels of risk of the underlying strategy.
Despite some additional setups, as the master account is the main ponderation, strategies will probably be highly correlated.
Wish you the best in your trading.


I am doing this experiment to show whether you are right or not.
I have seen data to lead me to believe otherwise.
The Risk Manager is NOT doing it’s job. So let’s see how BUX, BUC, and XUX do in the next 3 months.

Congrat !

I am looking forward the results…

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I am also interested in the results. Once I publish my DARWIN, I’d like to see how varying degrees of leverage and aggressiveness impact it’s net profit, assuming all else stays the same.

Good luck with your new DARWIN.

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Very interesting!

Just to understand. Are you using the same strategy with different timeframes and copying some trades from the “master” strategy?

This seems to me just “different” strategies and thus the DARWINs will perform differently.

I mean, if I understand correctly, you will obtain 3 different DARWINs and thus you will prove the Risk Manager adapts itself to the strategy, but not that it’s not doing his job.

Could you please elaborate on this?


With all due respect, this is a thread for investors.
I serve them. I make money. I trade.
I will do my job in answering their questions.
I understand that you are probably defending something about Darwinex, and that is your right to do, but please do it in another thread as what I have said about my new DARWIN’s strategy is clear by what I said in the description above and I will expound for potential investors.
I will not engage in back and forth with those whose interests do not align with my own. This is a business for me, and I take it seriously.
The power of these two new DARWIN’s will also be realised in the not too distant future.

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There are no “threads for investors”.
Every thread is for everyoune that wants to discuss the subject:

  1. traders
  2. investors
  3. Darwinex guys

This is a forum about trading and investing on Darwinex, not advertising space for traders.

Nobody is forced to create a topic about a darwin.
If you create it you are willing to dicuss about it with everyoune.


It gives me a lot of concern when I see a trader act so touchy, arrogant and defensive. I totally agree that this is not an advertising space for traders.

BTW I think Miguel’s questions are entirely reasonable.

I’m not here to make people happy.
Believe me I’ve seen and heard it all in my 15 years trading, watching others succeed and fail, and therefore do not mistake my callousness and cynicism for lack of skill. I am done being nice, because I did that for a long time and people just take it for granted anyway. Now I do things my way and those who want to join me, that’s great.
I’m here for one purpose— to execute my strategies for those I manage wealth for.
I have been very open and clear on NUMEROUS forums, on my description posts, and with what I have already stated above. I communicate MUCH MORE than other DARWIN providers and strategy providers.
I will contribute more of my time and public engagement in trading discussions that are geared toward success and not trolling/criticism, as I see this is more conducive to my long-term success and vitality as a trader.

You are here to explain your trading to everyone interested.
Being arrogant doesn’t hep to attract investors.

You were asked a pertinent question, and the answer is interesting for every potential investor.
This community is very useful to know traders as persons, results and numbers are already clear on the main site.

It is a matter of quality not quantity.


Fair enough. I don’t find anything you say arrogant or offensive, but then one grows a thick skin after being around this industry for some time.

I will judge you on your results - nothing else.

The chart is very similar, also the final return is the same .
So it seems that the risk profile is the same and the risk manager is working in the same way.

Looking to underlying strategies XUX has 220% on 6m while BUX has 80%
Risk manager has worked perfectly.

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Hi OTB, I usually like your posts even these are not making happy to other investors, traders…Mines are also critical and honest at the same time (as many or yours are), but on this point, I think you have made a mistake.
If you don´t want Darwinex staff or traders comment on your posts, then don´t post them. Everybody here have the right to write anything with all the due respect. It is my friendly answer to your post.


Here @ignacio made an uncomfortable question to @GAlbano76 .

And here we have the polite and complete answer by @GAlbano76

This is the main reason I am investing BSL .


I´ve read it before, and now I am reading again. I see how many people believe that a higher risk in a underlying strategy means the Darwin will have a big impact because that, others says the VAR at 10% will control that risk.
But the fact is that highest risk on underlying strategy is a higher risk ONLY for the trader equity itself. While your risk is higher than 10% your Darwin will behave the OPPOSIT. A trader running its underlying strategy at 2.5% will have FOUR times risk impact on his Darwin (because it is set at 10%), and a trader running an underlying strategy at 40% will reduce its risk by FOUR times on its Darwin (for the same reason).
The only problem with high risk on underlying strategy is that the trader could eventually blow the whole account if the risk is too high.


Noted. Good investigation.
I also trade slightly differently on this XUX and also with BUC, as it involves frequency and duration of trades in comparison with BUX too. It allows me to capture higher monthy returns, as I have done this month.


@ignacio can you please check this DARWIN’s Darwinia Monthly Return?

It is reading -0.39% on the Darwinia standings page, but on my profile I have captured 5.93% in the month of February.

I think only the return after migration matters.


That’s correct, only returns achieved on your Darwinex account matter for Darwinia purposes.

I hope this helps!