CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. 64 % of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.

XUX -- OutsidetheBoxHK -- Aggressive

thank you for pointing out a very successful, well respected trader who discovered what I also have discovered. There are many reasons why this style of trading is good.
When I was a young trader, I also looked for clear definitions and rules so that I could make consistent money, but what I found is that everyone else is looking for these rules too, and therefore this pursuit of safe rules to follow immediately puts you at no advantage over everyone else in the marketplace. No edge. And trading is all about having an edge and exploiting that edge.

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As you were a notorious liar, they had to put you into your place. That is something different as you wrote it here.

And that is the reality of your end at Donnaforex:

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Donna did not ban me. She honored my decision to leave.
how many posts have you authored at Donna Forex?
how much honest work have you put into trying to bring something special to the forex forums? at least I bring something original and have experienced enough success that I have lived solely off my profits from trading full time now for 3 years.
Just as this forum has done (without giving a chance for healthy dispute), participants flagged some of my challenging posts, and their morality or values led to my wanting to exit. I had said my peace. It wasn’t about lying as you say.
And plus… if you are trying to shame me or something, many others have tried this as well, and it doesn’t work. I consider it a badge of honor to challenge people’s small minds and small thinking. Just as I have done to you as well. With your poor performing DARWIN’s. It’s about money, war, and profits. Nothing more nothing less. And you are wanting to distract from your small profits and failure, thus why you flagged my probing posts and asked others to do so as well. Cover up your failure, whereas I face my failures boldly and keep in the fight to the end. I actually invite scrutiny and answer those who challenge me and stick around long enough to improve.
A huge constant complaint about my strategy is my low LA score.
But there are very successful Darwins with similarly low LA scores.
Like NTI
So there’s always more to the story, and plus if I explained everything then I would lose my edge in the market. Everyone would trade the same entries as myself and I would gradually lose my edge. Not smart.

You must be scared to live up to the same scrutiny you dish out to others. Is this good for your trading? No.
BTW – thx so much for the drama. it’s great for my exposure. there will be more investors and more Darwinia wins as a result of this great drama. great for honing my skills that are already more superior than when I started.

As I proved more than once that you’re a notorious liar, I can really smile reading your attempts to insult me or others on the personnel level in a very poor way at the borders or insults.

Nobody is complaining about your strategy, but about your lies about what you’re doing. Looks like you’re so poor that you don’t know another way to communicate.

You’re not confident to anybody here that you must hide the truth of your trading. Why can’T you write down that you’re a grid trading? Because you (!) believe that you won’t find any investor if you tell the truth, so you try to trap newbies and behave blown up with your tempory results.

You forget one thing with that: a potential new investor can only buy your blown up results and not the lucky past of your trading. So you cannot make money with them.

Yes, she was happy with it and she was not the only one there if you read the following posts.


Isn’t that why we are all here??
I come to Darwinex to compete and to win.
To make money. End of story.

When I came to this platform back in January-February,I stumbled upon OTB marketing activities in many threads ,so I analyzed his flagship BUX,as he called it,and wrote what will happen with it.Unfortunately it did go South quite dramatically shortly after that.We had discussions in February and when I saw that he is just a Retail guy with colorful personality and he also admitted that the whole thing is very risky,I didn’t think he represents any major danger to investors because it was obviously unsustainable trading technique.Darwinex Risk Manager did good job at reducing the disaster to a reasonable level for darwin investors which were only a few luckily.His personal account was not so lucky,either here or at other social trading sites.I see he is still pushing pedal to the metal,judging by his VaR and it is quite astonishing that he as a Math teacher doesn’t understand what VaR 86% is and that there will be no Recovery while VaR is so high,no matter how crazy risks he takes.Risk Manager will not allow him to ruin darwin completely.And this goes for months as I can see.

Secondly,I see he is claiming he has results and belittling others,but by watching his 3 darwins since Migration,I see no results to speak of.What was before Migration is of no concern for any serious analyst.He is a track-record farmer and always has additional trackrecords growing when older accounts eventually blow-up because of bad risk management.

There is shitload of Darwins with verifiable 360 days or more of solid trading on Darwinex platform and at least 20% of Yearly Return.So boasting about his performance while he showed nothing since Migration is quite entertaining.It is probably part of his colorful personality.

All in all,I think he is a harmless operator and provides good entertaining value for our little village.Eventually he will have to learn about Risk Management,VaR,Marketing…


NIce post as usual tomcat.

I agree, OTB is a most amusing plaything for us, on slow days :wink:


as shown with the trading account results since migration of his flagship BUX - with no additional comment about trading skills necessary:


A score of 0.2 is very differnt from a score of 2 .
NTI has a clear trade and risk management, works like a Swiss clock.
200% rule based trading and risk management.


On donnaforex you are a “seller”, here your claims are verified by colleagues, you are not free to impress noobs with partial data.
This is the pit of the lions. :wink:


I also would like to report that I have made wise adjustments to:

  1. After consulting an industry professional of 35 years…strategy in lot sizing, duration of trades, choice of “opposing pairs” to keep in open basket
  2. personal life routines = daily walk in a peaceful remote mountaintop, near weekly spa treatments, and prioritising social events even when I am under pressure
  3. not engaged in online forums nearly as much (Darwinex community seems the most balanced place to spend my time and energy)
  4. only have two suitcases now that I keep with me for daily life – much easier to manage in a digital nomad lifestyle (booked mini storage for my Trade Station array of screens, bicycle, favorite trading chair, the rest of what I still own which is not much)
  5. I have new strategies whose track records are progressing nicely and as designed (will be ready for trade copying in 2020)
  6. My main master account for the PAMM is gaining more interest with higher net worth individuals and those who connected at the NADIR of Drawdown are very happy
  7. Will continue swiping profits on 2x RISK accounts and higher to move down the RISK ladder system of systems I have devised (so far since June 2019 nothing has blown up)… and looking for more winners to allow to ride longer than my average 24 hour holding time

why did you unlist this thread on Oct 11? I would like this to be corrected. There is no reason for this action. @ignacio

why did you unlist my XUX thread on Oct 11? There is no reason for this action.

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Because they can, and they love it.
We have experience in sye with that.
a one ring to unite them all

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yes the evil Eye of Sauron wants to control you…silence you!!

In this case Sauron was @integracore2 :smiley:

Now the topic is back.
No more useless flames.

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