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YMT - VKProfit

Hello dear investors. My name is Vasily Kolesov (VKProfit), I am the Manager of Darwin YMT. Unfortunately, I speak very bad English, but I can use the translator well) If you have any questions about my trading on this Darwin and plans for the future, I will be happy to answer them. Write . Let’s get acquainted.


I will tell you a little about myself. I have been familiar with financial markets since 2006. I traded Forex and futures with my hands. 2016 I am engaged in algotrading. I create my own trading advisors and actively trade them. I manage investment accounts in several companies. Another account with the potential to create Darwin is currently under testing. Unlike YTM , it will be used for multi-currency trading for longer periods. As soon as this darwin is created, I will introduce you immediately.


Congratulations for your darwin performance.
I have a a quick (just curious), you have decreased the averaged amount of trades per day because the strategy works that way, or has it been made intentionally for some reason? If there is a reason, could you please elaborate?
Thank you.


Hi. Thank you for your question. The strategy improves over time and adapts to the current state of the market. At this time, from about September, it is more profitable to work with one order on the market for one pair with a longer take profit. As the volatility changes, I will probably change something else.


At this time, only the EURUSD pair is traded on the account, according to the “one order in the market” principle. That is, until one order is closed, the other does not open. Each order has a stop loss and take profit, but transactions are not always closed on them, there are still options for closing both in profit and loss. Trading from Sunday to Monday is disabled and all trades are closed on Friday evening, I do not leave open positions for the weekend.


Dear investors. On Friday, the YMT account received a large loss. This loss was obtained as a result of adding additional currency pairs to the trade. According to my calculations, this should have diversified the risks. But it turned out that the stop losses for several pairs were superimposed on each other and the loss exceeded all the usual values by several times. It was my mistake. I apologize for her. Trading is again switched to one EURUSD pair with the usual risk for this strategy.