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Hello everyone!
I’m new in this forum and also kinda new to python programming. I know mostly MQL4/5.
I’m exploring ZeroMQ and trying to make some basic operations with it. I followed the installation instructions to the letter and actually managed to connect to MT4, send an order and close it completely and partially.

My problem comes when I use _zmq.DWX_MTX_GET_ALL_OPEN_TRADES(). When I many trades open, it does not show anything. Actually, when I to type(_zmq.DWX_MTX_GET_ALL_OPEN_TRADES()) it tells me that its NoneType, so I can’t access any information there.

I did the same connection with a brand new account and entered a couple of trades. When I used _zmq.DWX_MTX_GET_ALL_OPEN_TRADES() it showed the information of trades opened, but the type thing still remains as NoneType.

I did some research in stackoverflow and in this forum and it seems that if you have like +50 trades opened, it won’t show you anything. The curious thing is that regardless of the amount of trades opened and regardless if it shows some info, I always get “NoneType” from “type()”.

Also, I did a _zmq._DWX_MTX_SUBSCRIBE_MARKETDATA(“EURUSD”) and I got bid/ask data in the open trades line.

I read that maybe Visual C++ runtime dll would be a problem, so I installed them and also python json, but the problem persists. I’m actually using jupyter.

Does this happens to anyone else? How can I fix this?
Please, let me know if my notebook is needed.


Hi @ppsev,

Using Jupyter Notebooks to run the implementation is discouraged altogether as the project involves its own threading that a notebook environment is not suitable for; please see this post for reference:

As for the remainder of your questions, kindly browse through the GitHub issues via the following link as this scenario has been addressed before:

If the issues therein do not address your questions, please open a new issue on GitHub via the same link above so it can be addressed :+1:

Polite note: it is clearly stated on the project README that users are expected to have Python experience in order to use the project. Just pointing this out since we do not have the resources at the present time to address programming related issues in users’ own implementations using dwx-zeromq-connector.

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