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ZeroMQ- MQL4/5 Python Communication

Hi there, in order to make python mql conenction I have started with the template you provided. I chose mql5 to start with, Needed to make small edits in code.

My questions are: when getting rates, if I make a request each second (or more, tried up to 20) I get rates at the 4th or 5th try. Is this normal?

second, if I send execution order- using the template as it is, mt5 crashes.

is this expectable when I use mql5?

third, I followed same procedures with mql4. while mql5 connection not working. This time, it is not working, somehow mql4 did not respond. remote_send method does not turn an error but freezes.

ea is on open to trade mode, live.

I am trying learning, apparently need some help over, where should I look for answers, what might be going wrong.


Edit: Mql4 freeze problem has ben resolved, problem was apparently DLL permissions. Now my question is how can I resolve crashing problem of both MQL4/5.


Hi @gurhan,

Good to hear you’re working through interfacing your Python environment with MetaTrader.

Please note that the templates you’re using were exactly that - templates, i.e. they serve to demonstrate functionality, and are not intended to work right out the box “as-is” :thumbsup:

You’ll need to modify the current templates available on GitHub to suit your requirements.

However… there’s good news :slight_smile:

We’ll soon be releasing significantly updated versions as discussed here recently:

Stay tuned :muscle: