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ZVQ : migrated and live results

For me the strongest reason to stay away is just that the trader claimed to manage 500 millions.
If you are managing 500 millions what are you doing here?
I dont’ care about mt4, I dont’ care about a license, I care about credibility

As strategy analyst I dont’s see anything wrong or dangerous in the trading journal, and the style after the migration is the same as before.


Maybe it was 500m of position notional value :wink: joking

We saw ZVQ has large stops (vs exits) but at least seems to apply them. If he really is manual plus a bit stubborn, there are chances of recovery after the suffering of market extension of the moment ends (it gets nasty when it doesn’t)

There’s a clear shit of market nervosity at the moment, so maybe ZVQ is getting unadjusted, like others


This weekend ,although I was not in the mood,I took a pain to go on ZVQ "company"website to check it out.There he doesn’t claim to have money management license,only investment advisor. EvidenceAlpha nicely explained the difference.And he basically offers his clients they send their funds to Tradestation broker in USA in their name and there he is supposed to trade their money in their accounts-very institutional,isn’t it?.There is no link or number of his license by FCA(UK)although he claims he has it.There he also states that he can only accept professional clients.But, and this is really funny,that link to his website disappeared today.It was in the description of ZVQ main page and now it vanished.


In January he got himself on the wrong side of strong Yen trend and even after suffering 22% DD in that single trade,his stop-loss was not activated.He wasn’t slipped like some other darwin manager in less liquid Yen pair.ZVQ was in very liquid Eur/Yen pair which was bouncing at the bottom for quite some time and SL nowhere in sight.I don’t think he has SL in place at all.He is trading his account with 1% VaR so he is OK.


You got that completely wrong.Observe how OVL,SCS and ZVQ were treated by investors(these are just few recent gems,you can find plenty of that behavior in 2018 and probably 2017).While good native darwins with MORE actual trading on Darwinex platform like AZG,GOB and UPP,just to name a few, are ignored by investors.
The way to go is to migrate fake track-record and attract investors immediately.
Look at AEB,really funny migration.Investors were saved because he dropped immediately and now he even stopped trading altogether.
Recently Darwinex presented really stunning BZC.What could possibly go wrong with that one?
As CavaliereVerde wrote somewhere: by posting bad stuff,Darwinex is suppressing the growth of the good stuff.Sadly.


Migrations are less accepted by experienced investors but how many experienced investor are there?
I guess less 30 , the problem is not to sell dreams to the other 500 .

Darwinex has the goal to find talent and some success stories are migrations: THA SYO YZZ …
Avoiding scams is a homework for investors, we have a migration almost every week, more than 90% are crap.



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Trader didn’t even make 25% on his trading account in 9 years. Leveraging the Darwin with a low VaR (currently about 1.16 %) is the key to show such performance. The risk is only on the back of his investors, while his micro risk the best lottery ticket he can buy as long as he receives investor fees.

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And who cares!
What matters here is that you are able to make pips every year.
Who cares if your var is 1% or 50% , if you make pips you are a winner if not you are a looser.
You neither know the size of his account on the other broker, neither the number of the accounts.
You insist with this bullshit of low VAR… THIS IS NOT THE POINT !
ERQ is one of the best darwins and works under 1%

There are many reasons to work at very low var, the main one is that you dont need to deposit or withdraw continuously to keep it stable.
That is the reason DWC and DWF are working at very low var.


You’re right, I insist on this point because IMO the only reason to trade such a low VaR is to grab higher DarwinIA prizes. There is no other reason not to cut the account balance and bring the VaR in a reasonable region.

In my opinion it means the trader does not really trust his own strategy and is not able to make pips, if he cannot even make more than 20 $ on his 10k account in a month. You can call him a successful Darwin manager for sure, but not a good “trader” for that. As long as it works.

If ERQ crashes down anytime like ZVQ recently you might also regard this point with more attention.

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You will never know the “skin in the game” of the trader, as you will never know his total wealth.
High equity and low var could be a tactic to get full allocations but I don’t think it is the main reason for the low var, it would be if we were speaking about a darwin with few investors and AUM.


ERQ does not participate in DarwinIA because the Darwin is closed for new investments. On this point you might be right in this case. Time will tell the rest.


Thank you all. We will try to do everything well and let time prove it slowly.:handshake:BZC will be better and better in the future and will not disappoint everyone.:handshake:

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NIce recovery so far

investors held their nerve


If I know anything about PAMM investors psychology,smart ones are only waiting to get out at break-even point after suffering unnecessary stress.There are available Darwins for investment with much better performance and much less risk.His La graph since migration in last November is dismal.Especially for an entity who claims to be institutional level managing 500 Mil.

Since migration he cannot hold his max.estimated investment level above 3 mil.,let that sink in.If he is institutional I will eat my shoes.


That is the trading account - 23.67 % profit in more than 9 years could be made for institutionals - as part of a startegy basket based on avoiding correlation.

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Humans are irrational creatures

Just look at SCS performance since migration. if that was all they investors saw, SCS would have no more than 10k investment. but that pre migration equity curve keeps them dreaming


When I came to Darwinex at the beginning of this year,I was very enthusiastic, because I thought there were already 20 rock solid traders.Than I discovered Migration problem.At Alpari PAMM nobody migrated anything. .Since analyzing this problem,I came to conclusion to ignore all migrated data and analyze only trades done on Darwinex platform.
If some poor chap from Eastern Europe can completely fake his MT4 trackrecord,than what can I expect from people coming from richer places.


I agree to ignore the migrated return, by the way the native part is a 16% return with a 16% DD that seems quite robust, and trading journal is consistent and without bad trading.

In 2017 the trading account made 0.5 %, the Darwin made 42 %. The Darwin’s performance is made by playing the risk manager and not by trading results.