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ZXW - PrimeZor

With a first and second place in Darwinia (MMQ and ZXW) I think you should reapper in the community…


hi, sorry, at 2018 market, I just prefer not to watch anymore, sorry for the long absense

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The ZXW is actually the old stuff from PRZ plus some new counter trend good stuff and one long term trending part , composing the very stable long term portfolio.

Unfortuantely the PRZ didnot work out from 2017 Nov- 2018 Feb., but the very same thing actuall gone very good since the Feb. deep DD, but since historical Max DD breached there, I had to stop it, but those things works forever, if one can endure the DD.


So, to sum up you gathered the working stuff on ZXW …

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not really, I work on a lot more portfolio now, including some sclapers, they should be all good in long run,just hard in 2018 market, a lot of good stuff just donot perform this year, I also have another login with 8-10 another Darwins which should go ok long run too. so actually I am much more into this Darwinex trading .


Also, I will be rescan and refine all my Darwins design to further make all better and maybe will create some new portfolios, in coming weeks.


@PrimeZor I’m interested in ZXW, but I wonder what happened to the other darwins that are not listed. I mean, there are 8 listed darwins, but it seems that you removed others, as the total amount of darwins created has been 12.

As investor, I’d prefer full disclosure about the darwins created by a trader, to be able to watch how he behaves along time.

Click on ‘show closed Darwins’ and it will show the other 4.


I think the point wasn’t to find the closed darwins but to have an explaination from @PrimeZor .

BTW I think ZXW is one of the best darwins :

  • 2 years native trackrecord
  • robust and realistic return
  • decent equity and var
  • a good drawdown to enter

Oh, I didn’t realize about this, thanks!

Honestly, I don’t feel very comfortable when I see that a trader has published 12 different strategies and 2/3 of them are in red… I know that good traders learn and adapt to the market, but still…

But it is true that it has a decent equity & var, track record… probably I was being too much suspicious.

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When a trader has 10 darwins with the same equity he is a trackrecord farmer that doesn’t know why his luckyest system is winning.

Here we have something completely different, some of the red or closed darwins were always labeled as tests.

It is quite clear that ZXW is the flagship, words confimed by money, the smart money of the trader. :wink:

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I do have some other darwins, but most reliable stuff are in ZXW as long term major investment.


Market has been so hard in past 2 years that many long term stuff not performing well, I still believe in many should be ok in many future years, instead what in ZXW is working with the most reliable strategies that works even in 17 and 18 year which was far better before 2017 with real history, with months long stagnation, it will perform each and every year on whatever market. this is also why my major fund over 10K+ is in there. also with some 1M Euro+ following this in private deals.

Anoyther reason I keep many other Darwins with smaller capital is that they should be ok long run, but with higher risk here may look really bad when market is not there, all strategy is strictly test with TDS for all years also with many safety measures in place. I expect them to perform eventually and get me some Darwinia prizes, you know better the drill…


People, the ZXW is gone crazy again as its history showed, only a few occassions of a year it earns, often and more than likely it can reverse, sometime fully reverse, also there is chance that it could gone really far better, so whoever already hold the gain can choose to TP at your discretion or wait for it to play out at risk of reverse as all floating gain is still open and not closed , really cant really know at 2017-now market, and buying at this floating gain is not very advised, please maybe wait for a Drawdown at your discretion and based on your judgement of history pattern.

Also, been almost 3 years people have seen this, so holding on to things with patience is key to earn. for ZXW it means months even a year…

BTW, I feel next global crisis or so is coming near us, maybe soon within 6months -1.5 years, so as
the crisis special Darwin, ZXW maybe will show its true power soon with larger volatility…